Friday, August 7, 2015

One Last Sad Story about Pip; Acceptance

Looking back now, I know my dear golden cat Pip was never really well. I am comforted in knowing that I gave him a great life, that my love for him will never fade away, that it was enough to keep him going for 12 years. I remember he would have “anxiety attacks” that would send him careening around the house as he desperately tried to escape his fear. When it passed he would lay exhausted panting, his gums blueish lavender. I knew this and tried to never let him be stressed. He would jump on my bed and I would tap him on the bum just above his tail. For some reason that made him feel better. His X-Rays showed that he had only one lung and it was full of tumors. His kidneys, in a matter of days, were huge. He was just too fragile to live in this toxic world. Even if I knew earlier, he could not have been saved. Dear Father Jehovah, how I miss this cat, I am so blessed to have loved him so much, but it is so difficult to live without him. I am truly broken this time. Nina


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