Friday, August 7, 2015

Dear Friends

Dear Friends, As I sat in the doorway of the barn, soaking my poor neglected feet in a tub of Absorbine and water, drinking a beer and reading “Master Harpers of Pern” (my little escape from reality), my six little hens hung out with me. They know they are safe when I am there. Their intelligence is just amazing. People really need to appreciate the wonders of the beings around them! Chickens—really!! I love my little hens—they feed me! Their eggs are extraordinary! My happy little girls! Gabriel, the KING of EOTS, has been exiled to the outside barn. He loves company, any company. The hens make him happy. They putter around under his feet and “ruffle” in their sweet little feathery huddle outside his stall. He is so gentle with all small beings. In his racing days he was probably surrounded by every kind of non-equine being who were companions of his fellow race horses. He loves everybody and everything living. Such a good old boy. Earlier, as I drove towards the barn, he “sent” me love. It made my heart happy. I know it was from him. Gabriel pushes me around, bullies me, bites me, and sometimes aims a kick in my direction. He treats me like a mare. He just loves me, though his love is often enough to flatten me if I don’t pay attention. He knows that I will scratch his itches, deal with his pains or complaints and cater to his every whim and need. I love him so. He is 27 years old, I will miss him when he leaves me, though it is often difficult and frustrating to be his “wife”. As I soak my feet, he stands by the fence keeping me company. He is just smitten with our vet Dr. Amy and our farrier Georgia. He just loves his human “mares”. I am not jealous. Seventeen hands and 1300 pounds can be spread around! He’s just so funny! He pushes us around, snorts, drools and slobbers all over us. I think we all feel somewhat honored. My beautiful silver stallion. “Hail to Thee”, race horse extraordinaire (aka Gabriel). He is now blind in his right eye; cataracts. He gets 3 feedings of hay cubes soaked in water and 4 small feedings of grain, all the hay he can eat with his old teeth, and he is still magnificent! Absolutely magnificent!! Even covered with mud, he shines like silver! Love-Love- in the hide of a stallion! Amen! Nina


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