Thursday, November 21, 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019

Pictures 11/2019

Friday, October 25, 2019

Just working on figuring out how to do this!

Hello all! I'm seriously trying to get back on this blog! It's time! As previously mentioned, we've moved to a wonderful new home! All our buildings are built to order and everyone has a clean, dry, sturdy and NEW place of their own. We have three ponies and three horses, one piggy, Blaze, alas Hamish died this spring at 21 years old! Almost a record, I think! He died peacefully in his sleep. We have five beautiful neutered bunnies that need new homes, and 8 hens. We are still small as we are needing  to finish our buildings so we will be able to accommodate more. The horses we have will be here for life. Beautiful baby Faith is still with us, as is Gabriel. Faith is totally blind and is currently having another episode with her left eye. I'm praying we will not have to remove it, but it looks pretty awful. She is 24. Gorgeous Gabriel is 31. He is blind in his right eye, but is still exquisitely beautiful. We have Coco, Moon, Thursday and Zephyr. They all have their own issues and need to stay with us.
    We had to move from our old place because it was sold. It was huge and had 20 stalls. There was an accumulation of 20 years worth of stuff we had to move! We found a new place immediately but there were no buildings. Somehow we pulled it all together and with the help of our wonderful volunteers, we succeeded! We fostered out those that could be safely moved to my wonderful "Hydrabud" Jessica who was basically raised at EOTS and has started her own rescue in Maine. Sadly both Bianca and Rose died on the same day just before we were ready to move.
    The old building was falling apart and as traumatic as it all was it was the best thing that could have happened to us! No more shoveling snow off a 120' long barn roof. No more fishing dead animals out of the well. No mor unpleasant neighbors.
    So here we are! 25 years of EOTS and still hanging in there! I'm going to try to put up some pictures now! Let's see if I can!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hello! I'm back!

Learning how to do this now! Stay tuned for updates! Lots of new things have happened since you heard from us last! We have moved to a new location and we have all new barns. It's so much better.