Monday, March 1, 2010

More on Communicating with Your Non-Human Friends

My brother has a new girlfriend.  We don't light candles at our house (I live with my brother - pretty sad, I know) for fear that my cat, Pip, could catch on fire.  The girlfriend likes candles.  Sure enough, Pip's tail caught on fire (he didn't even know it).  So now he is banned from my brother's apartment.  Being he is "just a cat" and unaware of how close he was to getting hurt, let alone burning the house down, he now pounds on my brother's door, howling his despair, "I thought you were my best bud!  What did I do wrong?  I love you!! Please let me in!", until I go down (I live upstairs) to tell Pip to knock it off and that he just has to put up with my company instead.

He purrs very hard, looks at me with his huge, wistful, sad eyes and allows me to carry his limp 19 pound body upstairs.  I explain to him that his best bud doesn't need him anymore.  He is so sad, but seems to understand.  I am trying to spend more quality time with Pip at the end of the day but I am a poor substitute.

P.S. After writing this, Pip is now allowed back into my brother's place, as he misses the cat, too.  There are no more candles.