Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dance of the Seasons

Isn't it amazing that every thing just knows what to do? What was just dirt a month ago is now abundant plant growth. Flowers everywhere – bugs where there were no bugs. Birds with nests full of chicks – dragon flies follow the horses around feeding on the flies and mosquitos. Everything in it's place in time, programed to perform it's duties on schedule. Like a perfect clock, a choriographed dance of the seasons.
The horses are part of this dance. In February the geldings spar for dominance, though they can no longer be fathers, their spirits remember. They mess around over the fences and yank each other's halters off. At EOTS we try not to put the boys next to each other in spring and we just take their halters off. We are aware of their part in the dance.
The boys settle down by April or May and the mares come into season. It's their turn on stage. They get noisy and holler to each other. They perform for the boys and are generally juicy and frustrated. Their bodies are prepared to be impregnated. The boys have that “Gee you smell good, but now what do I do?” look on their faces. By July everyone settles down and just eats and doses in the heat of the summer.
In October the mares start again calling to each other, wanting to be together. Winter is coming and they know there is safety in numbers and their phantom foals will need to be protected by the”herd”.
And so it goes – every living thing goes through the cycles of life performing the dance. We humans watch, we are amazed – those of us who notice- without any help from us – it all endures. We are all just onlookers with no real control over anything. Without us, it would all go on.
There is a time for every season under heaven. - Ecc 3:1-8


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