Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 1, 2012

I start each morning watching beautiful Steve Irwin on “Crocodile Hunter”. This day it was about the plight of the Sumatran Elephants. At the end of the show he was with a tiny baby elephant named Naught who's mother was poisoned. She was an orphan and was dying as well. As Steve gently caressed her, with her tiny trunk, she wiped the tears from his face.
I sob each morning over the death of this beautiful man. I do wonder how he had managed to survive so long though. I often had to change the station as he handled poisonous snakes, especially spitting cobras. I know they didn't kill him, but just the same, I found it disturbing. In the end he was killed by a stingray.
I watch his sweet little boy face and start my day with tears over the loss of one who loved the creation in such a way. My heart breaks for his family. I pray for them often
So with tears streaming down my face, the show ends, and on comes Jon Stewart. In the blink of an eye he has me laughing. Without bias he picks apart the speeches of those seeking the presidency.
It was like watching “Steel Magnolias”. I'm not sure sobbing in sorrow then laughing hysterically in a matter of seconds is good for the heart! Though in their own way these politicians mean well, they say what they need to say to gain their audience at each group of individuals, true or not, then go on to the next group, beating the other candidates up verbally at every step. So flawed is the human race. I'm not sure why anyone would want to be president at this time in history, but I guess someone has to do it
Comparing the gentle wonder of dear Steve Irwin to the petty crap of the political stuff going on, helps me realize that this truly does need to take place at this time of the end. In a strange way it comforts me. Some one does need to be “in charge”. In the Bible it stresses that we are to be in subjection to the leaders of the nations. Otherwise there will be chaos. And so be it. Whoever wins the battle of the presidency I will submit to. As it is no one man can fix the mess going on in the world today. Romans 13:1
And so, instead of concerning ourselves with politics at EOTS we are planning a resurrection party for Steve Irwin! Luke 8:53 and Isaiah 26:19
I want to be there to tell him that never again will elephants be poisoned for invading farm land. That there is no need because there are no more hungry people on Earth (Red. 7:16,17). I want to be there when he wakes up on a restored Earth – a paradise – where all creation is at peace. Where all the animals he strived to protect are now safe! Where food will grow in deserts and on mountain tops! The animals he so loved were such an unlovable bunch – yet he taught us how important they are. He will be so happy! (Isaiah 65:20) All of us “keepers of the animals” will just have to find ourselves new jobs. But I think maybe we can rest for a while and just rejoice that such work is no longer needed. And the politicians? Well they won't be needed either. Let God's Kingdom come – Tim 1:17 and Mt 6:9,10



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