Thursday, December 9, 2010


One hot, miserable, extremely buggy day, we put a few horses out while we cleaned their stalls. Our little wild pony mare Coco has turned into quite a stall potato. She stood at the gate and hollered "Bring me in, these bugs are AWFUL." This was a pony that ran wild for 10 years and took 10 people three hours to catch and bring to us.

Coco's stall is in the middle of the barn. She has a window. The stall is open on three sides. In the summer, a fan blows directly down on her from atop a cabinet about five feet high. She stands with her face into the fan. Her door is open with a very low stall guard that she could step over, if she wanted to. At one end of her stall she can touch noses with Gabriel, at the other with Fancy. She watches as I measure feed a few feet away or as others' horses stand for attention on the cross ties. She loves her own little stall. She is a happy pony. When I look at her I know that this is one thing that I did right.


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